The training we received from Employ Ability, is what we applied in the workplace.

– Mr Beelall Nunoo
Mr Beelall Nunnoo- Acting as Master of Ceremony in our event

My name is Beelall Nunnoo, and I suffer from physical disability, which consequently means that I am wheelchair bound. After registering with Employ Ability, my training in administration and back office management started, and I knew from that time, this time it would be different. From day 1, I was initiated to the ground rules and procedures of the program, and always be disciplined and punctual, was the main words. My parents also received the coaching session of how they should let us be independent. Now after the placement, I can assure you, that the training we received from Employ Ability, is what we applied in the workplace. I am forever grateful to Employ Ability and the founder, Mr Maywah who also leveraged with sponsors for me to have a motorised wheelchair of more than (1500 USD) to allow me to perform better in my workplace.

Our first beneficiary to secure employment at the local branch of SPAR (Member of SOMAG)

Mr Outam Mahadou,our first batch of beneficiary to discover for the first time his workplace. Being trained in retailing sector, he was able to perform at his optimum level despite his limitations in movements. “The training received from Employ Ability, has prepared us for the workplace”. Usually when i used to be interviews i was so scared and with no confidence at all. However this changed and it was different when I attended the placement opportunity on behalf of EmployAbility. I was amazed how the placement was in proximity to my house and how the managers and supervisors were so cooperative with me. I felt secured and included in the workplace.