Our programs

Market Aligned Skill Training

We pride ourselves as the leading service provider for persons with disabilities in Mauritius and the commonwealth region. We take an evidenced based approached to all our training programmes, methodologies and planning. Our beneficiaries are well versed and equipped in all the concepts of the tasks they will be assigned in their respective company. Our Market Aligned Skill Training (M.A.S.T) have the following portfolios:

  • Retail and Supermarket
  • Back-office and Administration
  • Textiles and General Labour

Prior to our placement position, all our beneficiaries follow our scientific procedure


All our programs have been devised using hands on experience of the local market. Furthermore in 2018, we launched our model curriculum that was disseminated to our non state actors. The model curriculum in turn allow the NGOs to train the beneficiaries from an earlier stage and once they come in our training centre, the same model is used to further enhance their knowledge.